MNC or Start-up: 5 things to know which one to go?

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As technology progresses, many new job opportunities are created. One of them that is currently on the move is a start-up business. Start-up business is a business that intersects IT or technology field. So, it’s no wonder that many young people are involved in this field.

Even the start-up business development is now quite significant and not just that, start-up business also a trend in today’s business world and it all over the online job sites. Actually, start-up company is a pioneer company. Hence, building a start-up business requires careful planning.

While working in large, reputable, even international companies or organisations has always been everyone’s dreams. Because not only you will look cool, but almost certainly they will provide above average welfare. But in building a career, maybe you can think starting from a small company, such as joining into a start-up. Although it is small-scale, you will be surprised by the benefits you will get.

The benefits of working in a dynamic enterprise, start-up will enable you to work more efficiently, expanding the limits of responsibility, knowledge, and learning to understand everything about the business.

Here are five benefits to work in a start-up rather than an MNC :

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Be in an innovative environment

You will work with a passionate and enthusiastic team. Being around people with great passion can inspire you with inspiration all the time. That inspiration will lead to truly innovative ideas. And of course, it will encourage your business development to always be better than competitors in larger industries.

Being part of an entrepreneurial team is also the best way to learn to innovate. Employers are the right people for you to learn and to identify problems and find an efficient new way to overcome them.

Learn the “real” work and skills

In start-up, everything you do will contribute to the success or failure of the business. For that, their organizational system is made as unobtrusive as possible. While each company has a hierarchy, start-up has relatively flat organizational structure and allows team members to work on and achieve more results in shorter periods of time.

In addition, everyone in a start-up is expected to be able to contribute ideas and be responsible for the idea. This means you will be involved directly from planning, execution, to evaluation. Learn what makes the idea fail, and keep experimenting. All this can be translated into your resume as a skill. Skills are of course useful if you want to improve your career elsewhere, or set up your own start-up.

Compares with big companies, you will constantly deal with the approval of some other departments. In the end, new ideas that are owned are not necessarily realised for months or even years especially in an MNC.

Amazing office culture

There is nothing more fun than a feeling of excitement going to the office every day. Because your office environment is comfortable, fun, happy and casual. Start-up culture gives you the flexibility to work remotely or working in an open-space place. It also provides the benefit of collaborating directly, immediately, and constantly. You become part of the company’s own culture.

This is opposite to entering a larger organisation. It usually means stepping into a predetermined culture with existing practices that contain common habits and values.


Joining the start-up will gives you the opportunity to learn what you need to become your own boss. If you run your own idea, do not be surprised if one day you will be your own boss. Start-up environment is ideal for educating yourself on how to set goals, implement strategies, run business operations.

You can also be asked to do other administrative business tasks that are really useful when starting your own business. Start-ups can equip you with skills, experience, knowledge, and connections to get started with your business.


Since you will be working on multiple things, you will learn more about yourself too and also decide what can you do best. Here, you will be able to recognise your talent and skill. You will be able to evaluate yourself, to recognise what you are good at and what needs improvement.

In certain time, you’ll even get paid for something you didn’t know in the first place. Your success, failures and performances will be directly mentored and supervised by the superior. Though the amount will be lower than that of corporate job but then where do you get money to learn?

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