Handling a ‘Picky Eater’ Child

picky eater pediasure

Why are the children struggling to eat? Is the child not feeling hungry? Or did they not like the food served to them?

Are other factors that make the child not eating? Here, based on a research, parents may be the source of why babies would not eat and are very fussy in choosing food. This means that there is a habit that drives them into a picky eater.

Managing Picky Eater Kids

Hence, a child psychologist who also acts as a speaker at health talk had explained several ways that we can practice to get around picky eater children, including:

  • Determine the child’s diet, pay attention to their preferences, and insert a new menu or non-favourite menu that must be consumed, such as vegetables or fruit into foods that we give to children
  • Determine a consistent meal times so that children are trained to follow the eating schedule as specified
  • Provide a pleasant dining area without distraction to gadgets, toys, or TV so that children focus on eating activities in their place
  • Parents must be patient in introducing new menus or varying the portion of food
  • Remember that the child will eat if he is hungry, so there is no need to force the child too much if they don’t not want to eat
  • Vary your meals with fun things so that children are eager to eat such as decorate their food with smiley face, etc
  • Listen to the child and let them choose the food but make sure all the food chosen are nutritious
picky eater pediasure

Milk as a supplement

Most of the time, parents’ concern for picky eater children sometimes unconsciously leads to the wrong way. One of it is to provide as much milk as possible as a solution to meet the nutritional needs of children, whereas in fact milk is only a supplement.

In one study, it was revealed the fact that 75% of childbirth children started refusing to eat at the age of 1 year, some of the 3-year-old picky-eater have the habit of drinking milk in large volumes. As we know, milk is very important as a source of calcium intake for children, but excess milk can actually cause a decrease in appetite. So that is why, consumption of milk is recommended not more than 3 cups every day.

Formula milk for you baby

Apparently here, there is formula milk that can stimulate children’s appetite. Ever heard of Pediasure Complete and S-26 PE Gold? This formula is specially made for a choosy toddler or picky eaters.

Therefore, mothers who are worried about their children not getting enough vitamins and nutrients as the children can be very choosy are advised to try this formula. It can ensure that picky- eater toddlers can get enough key nutrients from the food pyramid for the growth of children and healthy development. This milk contains the optimal mix of nutrients, including carbohydrates, proteins and fats that help children increase their height and weight and become more active.